What Conveyancing Solicitors Do

Receive and peruse the signed Contract from the Real Estate Agent or the Seller.
Open the file and send you a letter and Client Information Form for you to complete and return to us.

Receive Transfer Documents from the Buyers Lawyers and forward these to you for signing.

Monitor the outcome of the Buyers Finance Application and Building and Pest Inspections, as well as any other Special Conditions contained in the Contract.

– Answer any queries made by the Buyers Lawyers.
– Liaise with your bank in regards to your Mortgage Release and obtain payout figure.
– Arrange settlement bookings with all parties.
– Calculate Settlement figures.

  What You Do

Instruct the Real Estate Agent to forward us the signed Contract of Sale by fax/email/post (or send us a copy yourself)

If you have a Mortgage, advise the Bank/Lender that you have sold the property and sign the required Request to Release form.

Return to us the Client Information Form we have posted you along with copies of any current Rates and/or Body Corporate Notices and the Certificate of Title (if in existence)

Sign the Transfer Documents in the presence of a qualified witness (JP, Solicitor, C.Dec)

Provide Instructions to us (where necessary) as to requests for extensions of time or Building and Pest concerns.

Liaise with your Mortgagee (where necessary)


We will attend settlement on your behalf.

We will arrange for your bank to provide the Release of Mortgage at Settlement.

We will hand the Release of Mortgage and Transfer (and any other necessary documents) to the Buyers Lawyers for lodgement.

We will also collect (and on forward) any additional cheques requested for Settlement (ie: commission, outstanding rates etc).

We will obtain the balance purchase monies in the form of a bank cheque from the Buyers and bank to your nominated account (or as directed by you)

  Settlement What You Do

You will not need to attend settlement

If Vacant Possession is being provided, have all your belongings out of the property prior to settlement.

  After Settlement

We will contact the Agent and ask them to release the balance of the deposit (if any) to you

  After Settlement What You Do

-Collect Balance deposit from the Agent (if applicable)
-Cancel any insurance you had over the property.

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